Heart Function

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Did you know about your heart organ? Heart is a muscular pump that works in the chest without stopping continuously pumping blood throughout the body, morning and night from birth until death. The heart to contract and relax as much as 100,000 times a day, and all this work requires a good blood supply is provided by the coronary arteries.
How does the heart work

Main Function heart is pumping red blood that is rich in oxygen and nutrients through the large vessels throughout the body. When the oxygen has been absorbed by the network, through the veins carrying blue blood and contains very little oxygen to the heart.

The heart has two sides, where each side works as a separate pump. Each side divided into 2 rooms, so overall there are 4 rooms. Two above, Atria, serves as a place to accommodate, two under, ventrical, contracts to pump blood. The right side of the heart receives blood from the body through a vein and pumped to the lungs to get oxygen. The left side of the heart that holds back the blood from the lungs and pumped throughout the body tissue that requires oxygen.

To be able to reach all the muscles and organs different, the blood must be pumped with high pressure, as you must know if you ever cut vessels - the blood will spurt everywhere! To do this then our heart is very strong, and not as our leg muscles, the heart is never tired. Therefore, the heart muscle's blood supply requires a very good, and is provided by the coronary artery and its branches. Heart disease can be avoided if we want to keep it.

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