Recognize Heart Attack Symptoms

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Heart disease is a dangerous disease. This disease can cause death. We must know the symptoms of heart disease. The symptoms are perceived if you have coronary heart disease include pain or pain in the chest. Other symptoms are feeling depressed in the middle of the chest for 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Other symptoms are often felt a cold sweat, palpitations, dizziness, and felt like fainting. These symptoms are not always perceived the sufferer. Other warning signs are gasping for breath during exercise. If you experience symptoms like that, you should be wary.

The symptoms that later will often we feel for a few months before his heart attack heart disease usually often feel very tired. Do not assume these symptoms are caused by lack of sleep and stress of the job. That could be symptoms of a heart attack.

We often feel pain or feel pressure in the chest, called angina, that we should be cautious because it gives a warning to those who suffer a heart attack.

Usually a few days before having a massive heart attack, a person will experience muscle contractions suddenly in the chest which is a small attack or a mild heart attack. Generally mild heart attack occurred before the major attack a few days later. Therefore, recognize symptoms of heart attack symptoms.