Pain, Heart Attack Symptoms

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Symptoms of heart disease is different. in a heart attack may begin with pain that is not clear, a sense of vague discomfort, or tightness in the middle of the chest. Sometimes.

Here are some symptoms of heart disease more specifically, among others:

* Pain. Did you ever feel pain in your chest. If the muscles are not getting enough blood (a condition called ischemic), it insufficient oxygen and the metabolism of excessive cramp or spasm.

* Fatigue or tiredness. If people have a very solid work and less rest then the condition will have exhausted body. and the effect on the heart. If the heart is not pumping effectively, blood flow to the muscles during an activity will decrease, causing the patient to feel weak and tired. These symptoms are often mild. To overcome this, patients often reduce their activity.

* Dizziness. Decrease in blood flow due to rate or abnormal heart rhythms or poor pumping ability, can cause dizziness and fainting.

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