Family History About Heart Disease

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Heart disease may suffer if the family is suffering from heart disease. When we went to the doctor about heart disease. Your doctor will consider family factors if one or more of the family members (parents orag, sisters) suffered from heart disease. If your father suffered a heart attack under age 60 years or your mother are suffering under the age of 65, then this will increase your risk of getting heart disease. Of course, if your parents live to old age where heart attacks are common, so it does not have to worry about you.
How do heart disease can be spread in the family? Part of the explanation lies in the genes inherited from parents who make us more vulnerable to a high cholesterol or high blood pressure or diabetes. Some other things, the result of family life that have the same lifestyle - they eat the same food and if the parents smoke are often the children are also smoking.
If the supply of heart disease in families, you are encouraged to frequently went to the doctor to make sure that you do not develop high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure or other problems that can be treated to reduce your risk.
After you do it your lifestyle change for the better by leaving the culture of smoking.

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