Coronary Heart

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The disease is caused by the narrowing and blockages in coronary arteries. This is caused by the buildup of fatty substances (cholesterol, triglycerides) in the artery wall bottom (endothelium).

After the fat accumulated, blood flow will be blocked and unable to affect the heart so the heart in pumping blood. Most felt the effect was the loss of oxygen and nutrients to the heart because blood flow to the heart decreases.

A. The things that trigger coronary heart disease:

1. Smoking in greater numbers and for many years
2. Consumption of fatty foods or high cholesterol
3. Hypertension who has suffered
4. Diabetes mellitus is also provoke coronary heart disease
5. Obesity
6. Lack of activity and exercise
7. Drink alcohol
8. Drug abuse (drug)

B. The facts about coronary heart disease

1. Coronary heart disease is the number one killer disease in the United States who attacked both men and women
2. Every year in the U.S., more than half a million people died of coronary heart disease
3. Deaths from coronary heart disease can be prevented because it related to lifestyle. If the public good and ensure a healthy life free of coronary heart disease
4. Treatment for patients with coronary heart disease takes a very long time and continuous.

C. Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease

1. Balanced lifestyle and avoid the risk of stress is necessary for a person not affected by coronary heart disease.
2. Eating healthy foods and high in fiber. Reduce fatty foods and high cholesterol to prevent obesity.
3. Immediately stop smoking. Smoking causes reduced elasticity of blood vessels thus increasing the hardening of blood vessels arterin to trigger a stroke.
4. Reduce or avoid alcoholic beverages
5. Regular exercise
6. Avoid using drugs

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